Instructions for making a standard-size pillowcase:


¾ yad fabric for the body
1/3 yard fabric for the border


1. Cut body of the case 26 ½” x 40 ½”
2. C border 10 ½” x 40 ½”
3. Fold border in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together and iron
4. Place the right side of the border on the right side of the body
5. Stith these together using a ½” seam allowance
6. Place right sides together and stitch down sides and across bottom
7. Turn right-side-out and iron
8. Wash the pillowcase thorouhly (to sanitize for hospital use)
9. Place each pillowcase an individual quart-sized ziplock bag
10. Contact your local coordinator to find a drop-off location (Blue Top Quilt Shop)